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NVLX — Stock House Group Initiates Coverage on Nuvilex, Inc.

NVLX — Stock House Group Initiates Coverage on Nuvilex, Inc.

Stock House Group Places Speculative Buy Rating on Nuvilex, Inc.


This morning we issued a Press Release Initiating Coverage on Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) and placing a Speculative Buy Rating on the stock.  

Read our Full Research & Analysis Report that accompanies our Rating on the Company.

NVLX is a true diamond in the rough with some incredible science that’s flying well below the radar.  After two successful Phase I/II Clinical Trials using the Company’s unique and proprietary Cell Encapsulation technology, the Company is currently preparing for a late stage Phase III Trial.  

It is this Technology and the Company’s recent move into the Medical Marijuana arena with its new subsidiary, Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc., that have caught our attention and the reason for our Rating.

Two independent Phase II clinical studies in patients with advanced, non-surgically-removable (non-resectable), pancreatic cancer, have been performed using the encapsulated cells capable of converting the widely-used anti-cancer drug, ifosfamide, into its “cancer-killing” form.

Both Trials offer sets of data that were done at different times, with different populations, and in different hospitals.  In the first trial, one location was used; however the second Phase II trial expanded its database by using 4 different hospitals.

Twenty-seven (27) patients all showed a substantial response in that the use of encapsulated cells helped those individuals to a better outcome than that seen with Eli Lilly’s standard single-drug (Gemzar®) therapy. Pancreatic cancer is difficult to diagnose, and treat until it is at an advanced stage.  Survival of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer is usually only several weeks or a few months.

Nuvilex, Inc’s. new subsidiary was formed to study the medical applications of marijuana and develop treatments for serious human diseases.  The company will be focusing initially on developing treatments for brain cancers, including glioblastoma multiforme, which are based on cannabinoids. 

NVLX’s Science is amazing and we think you’ll be impressed as well… Read Our Full Report Here.

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