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GROV ι GroveWare Technologies News & Alert

GROV ι GroveWare Technologies News & Alert

GROV 32% Gains at High of the Day on Company News


Last night we alerted GroveWare Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: GROV) to our Members receiving our Free Stock Alerts Newsletter.  

Before the Opening Bell, the Company released some great news about its revolutionary and proprietary product, MobiTask.  GroveWare has seen a 300% increase in the use of MobiTask, and as the CEO,  Hrair Achkarian, said…

This almost 300% increase in app downloads and installations in my opinion is a clear indicator that GroveWare is on track of capturing our goal of a 10% market share of this $1.3 billion market for reduction of paper waste. If we can achieve this goal, just this market segment alone could account for $130 million in revenue for our business.

With this news, the stock saw some great pre-market action and that parlayed into a nice open for the company.  On over $116k in trading volume throughout the morning, the stock say a High of the Day of $0.165 or a 32% increase from yesterday’s close.

As we head into the afternoon, the stock continues to see volume and hits on the Ask.  This could very well be a company you will want to keep on your radar!!  After all, $130-million in revenues is nothing to overlook from a small OTC company… and they feel confident they can reach that goal.